Saturday, 29 March 2014

You look BLUE

D   : you, scrub in.
me : (looks frantically around me) me?
D   : yes, you. go on.
me : (grins sheepishly) YES! *pumps fists in the air*
D   : (smiles and shakes head) junior doctors....

5 hours later

D   : now hold this clamp, and MAKE sure muscles doesn't close the gap.
me : huh? oh yeah... ( slowly touches the exposed bone )
D   :  (looks up) don't touch that!
me : Sorry! (pulls hand away subsequently resulting in collapsed muscle onto the open gap) Gulps.
D  : Oh boy..(smiles) you have to be strong to be in surgery miss. Are you tired?
me : (struggling to keep my eyes open) i am strong. i can do this. hand me that clamp.
D : *smiles*

i wrote that dialogue about 2 years ago.
best time i had in Surgery.
and here i am in a dinky small healthside clinic doing nothing close to surgery.

All the way in Sabah.
Where the trees are green, too many monkeys, Orang Utans more than i can count.

Hmm. Now i cant even sew a wound without fidgeting. Lack of practice. thankfully among the doctors in the clinic i'm still the only one that can set line on babies and get their blood. at least.

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