Saturday, 17 April 2010

Square one

So i realize i've been missing from

And the  reason for this was that i was preoccupied with work and med school (yeah. right.),
and somewhere between those weeks i also discovered tumblr.

And now i am a proud owner of a tumblr page, exclusively just for posting up things like awesome recipes, photos and general stuff i could reblog.

This page is more dedicated to the writer side in me though i find it extremely hard to find that side of me these days. Writing a paper or a review on researchers was more than difficult; which makes me doubt myself.

But of course the weakness in me writing that review was because it had to be in perfect Indonesian..and yeas. i tanked. pretty much. besides, i wonder if anybody reads this at all.

I've got an exam coming up tomorriw morning, so this is just me wasting time and avoiding to study.

check out my tumblr if you're ever interested :)

back to learning ;)