Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Why so serious?

KKN is over,

and yes Kak Wani. i am one of the few that keeps playing each detail of everyday in my head, and reminisce the "beautifully painted" good times i had.

And honestly, it was 3 parts fun + 2 parts stress for me. personally. I made new friends, improved my local knowledge and interaction skills, helped the local community as fas as i was able and came home feeling relieved yet a bit empty.

Maybe its because when i got home, my house was empty. My housemate wasn't back yet, my pets Ella and Mocha were still at H's house. I unpacked, cleaned the house, did my laundry and just sat in the living room thinking of the others; how we would usually play cards at this hour. Or walk together to the 'bakso stall'. Heck, i even miss the morning banter for the bathroom rights.

But i am postively cured now. How can i not be? even when KKN was over a week ago, my posko mates and i have met up twice for karaoke sessions. And boy they had a lot of fun. Surprisingly, whatever tension we saw between some parties earlier on were faded down to Nil. Which i was happy about.

Oh, and I got my KKN grade too. A ;) Alhamdulillah.

Now..i am again stressed..but for the preparations of this coming grad ceremony. Sure, its only for S.Ked. Our 1st graduation. But wearing the robe and cap is a right i think we all earned after these long 3 years eh? So why so serious?