Thursday, 18 September 2008

War & Peace

why can't we all just get along?

headlines all over the papers carrying the names of our nations leaders and politicians; giving false proclamataions, and later adding on excuses and scandal other than that of conspiracies against him and our nation.

Puh-lease. i know you know where i stand, but really.

i am so sick of my country's current political condition. we currently still have a leader. we are not at war with outsiders, but we re at war within ourselves. And for what purpose?

focus people. The world is bigger than us. we have to focus on our people's issues. like the current state of safety? and the increase in crime rates?

do something about THAT why don't you? and to those kids who write and talk shit about politics. It's not cool to dish dirt and sound confident when u have no idea what's going on. it does not make one seem intelligent. it's just sad.

Seven - written by Najah Alwi

Bittersweet Chaos and Beautiful Disasters...
Today at 4:44am
So, seven...
not two, not three, but seven.
Sometimes you hear about more, but I’m gonna just ramble about seven.
I know about seven. I am the seven.
Seven my lucky number. Seven Siblings. Seven Little Terrors...including moi, myself and I.

Seven sets of eyes, seven pairs of shoes, fourteen sets of kicks,
A hundred forty toes and fingers,
Seven birthdays, seven stubborn-headed, contrasting individuals,
Five girls and two boys,
Seven shouting voices, different pitches ~depending on tempo and mood- gruff in the morning, more calmer round the eve or dinner time,
Seven fashion spin (stolen dresses, shoes, and yes even straighteners!)
Seven music tastes blaring into the air,
Seven mouths to feed (albeit two very HUGE ones)... or the allergies/special requirements/ just being sulky...
Two would be giggling, while the other two will be sobbing , one will be hiding, the other two probably just watching and shaking their heads...
One takes the lead, the three tries to defy, two half heartedly obeyed, there will always be one that gets away...
At times there were Four against one, or Two against Three, sometimes we get too tired, we all just go out and have ice cream instead.
Or go watch the movies.
Or .
Divide errands.
Or just hang out and play... Jenga, Monopoly...
recipe for unruliness, turmoil and disorder of all sorts.
Seven is diversity.
Seven is me... + six mini me’s.
Catastropic Messy Me's.

Selamat Hari Raya little ones. Maaf Zahir Batin.Cant wait for the fam pic with Nabawi and Naufal outdoing each other. Love lots ;)

=- i took this and just post it up because i think its beautifully written. simple but precise. :) and she's my sister anyway. heehee=-

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Sahur Sahur!

its 3.10 am and i am having trouble sleeping. NOT that I've had too much sleep.In truth I've only slept for a maximum of 5 hours yesterday, and 3 hours the day before. Jet lagged? Now that's pushing it too far. hehe.

Trying insanely hard to put up photos of my Grad day for my sis to see. And old KKN shots that i took and really desperately want to share with the world; but failing miserably.

So here i am, blog hopping to see if anyone has updated in the last month. Got tired of my old template, so decided to change it as well. Still don't feel like this is me. But this shall have to do for a while.

I just realized that over here in Malaysia nobody cares if you get up for sahur or not. In Makassar, we get woken up as early as 2.30 a.m by the calls from the mosque and a few assigned teens that walks through the housing areas banging on gates and glass bottles to wake the residents up.

Calls of "sahur, sahur," in different melodic verses can be heard and shall only cease when you get up and turn on the bloody living room lights for all the other dwellers to see.

Funnily enough, i find it refreshing.

Happy sahur everyone. It is another day down ;)

Tagged: 15 little known facts

Rules :
1. Each player of this game starts off with 15 weird things/habits/little known facts about yourself.
2. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 15 weird things/habits/little known facts as well as state this rule clearly.
3. At the end, you need to choose 10 people to be tagged and list their names.
4. No tags back!!

how sure r u i'm being perfectly honest? :D here we go;

1. I actually memorize lines from movies that i love..+ hand movements, expressions and accents yes; and i can break into a dialogue sometimes when a situation calls for it. Like when i watch the same movie over and over; i little known fact 1.

2. I hate waiting for people when they bum a ride for me. my limit is 20 minutes. If i stay silent when u get in the car. i'm pretty pissed.

3. I love and know all disney animated songs by heart. hello? "I can show you the world..." "hakuna matata" even mulan's, "i'll make a man out of you"

4. I vow to eat less every day of the week and NEVER follow through :P and became a vegetarian for 5 days.

5. I secretly want to be Angelina Jolie. Gorgeous, Intelligent, warm-hearted yet intimidating as hell. Having Brad Pitt on my arm is not a bad bonus either right?

6. I literally am a klutz with my hand phone. I've dropped it, smashed it, left it everywhere, lost it and even now i have no idea where my phone is. "Eh, have you seen my phone?" is synonymous with the name Nadiah Alwi.

7. i get tired texting past the 7th sms.I'm the phone-call type. my fingers aren't strong enough to keep pushing the buttons.

8. When I'm studying i like to do my hair in many different styles. Sometimes I'd start with a braid, after 2 hours of studying I'd twist it into small Leia-like buns. and sometimes I'd play with a scarf and wrap it; Alicia Keys style.hehe.its a weird habit.

9. I simply LOVE RPG (Role Playing Games) Games on my PS2. i love watching the 3D graphics, i am always fascinated by the story lines and characters they come up with. Final Fantasy 8, Legend of Dragoon was a fave and Breath of Fire was classic. I can play and not sleep for a whole 2 days, Just to finish the quest.

10. I don't like it when people see me cry. I somehow miraculously believe that it shows that i am weak. it isn't just me right?

11. I like it when tall guys have to bend down to hear me talk. because i like feeling small. hehehe.(not much of a request since I'm only about 5"1..)

12. I made a long list of things to do before i turn 25. And now i have 2 years to complete it all.Which i am not confident i can finish..although i have crossed off quite a few.

13. I fear the thick skinned and slimy lizards of all walks of life. cockroaches i can deal with, snakes too. but not lizards. they r just creepy.

14. Love writing, as in letters, old school hand-written letters to friends and family members even though my hand writing is barely readable. And i used to have quite a hand full of pen-pals; Ornsiri Vorayos (Thailand) Emma (U.S.A). Kat (Asia) and a few others..(err..forgot their names- means it never got further than 2 letters maybe. haha)

15. Finally, i have
no freakin idea
what i am doing with my life. So I'm taking it day by day and pray to Allah S.W.T that whatever i choose to do is going to get me through my life blissfully ;)

how weird are those facts? not so much eh?

i'm tagging: zaza, kak wani, farissa, faiza, farahana, shida and hazel-nut!