Sunday, 12 July 2009


I finally gave my presentation about half an hour ago. Phewwwww! Sighs. after being dragged around for one week..just because. At least i didn't have to read with dr.S. my head i think he'd give me a great discussion afterwards, however i can see that he was busy too.

Anyhoo- am here in Obgyn dept to check on my next deprtment spot: Cardiology which, i have booked since i dunno, March? and guess what?? Stupid site is under construction and everything..i mean everything is ERASED.
What the he...???

I am happy. yet pissed. and frustrated and panicked. I'm supposed to report to Cardio this friday, and before hand, i have to pick an examiner for Internal Med. this Wednesday...ahhh...okay, not pick. i mean, the chief will vote which examiner each of us gets? and the bigwigs are coming this week. ( wipes dripping sweat from forehead)

what me worry??

ok. cool. calm. breathe dee. breathee.. there's just SOOOO much more to read and understand and practice before i go for exam.

please please please God, get me Prof. Halim? hehehehe.
who knows, he might go easy on me for exam...

Sighs, i am out of breath.

Update later. toodles. need energy to scream...-