Sunday, 30 August 2009

saya dan roti canai

I was missing the soft famous dough-made 'roti' of home.

and since my neighbours didn't show any signs of making any for buka puasa this year, i went out in search of thus 'roti'.

to my delight, news spread that there was a boy, selling roti telur and roti canani next to carefour all the way here in makassar, freshly tossed and readily poured with malaysian style curry too!

Just so you know, curry in Makassar is not the curry we love way back home. It is different. more bland, less spices, more water than coconut milk. so yes, it makes a big difference.

no photos of the pahang-born makassar "mamak" though, he was quite the shy boy. haha.

Roti telur dan kari sedap

Friday, 28 August 2009


he shall get what he deserves

The Life & Times

Am sitting in the on-call room, eating out of a styrofoam box- our free meals to 'break fast'.

We're lucky; during this holy month, the faculty as well as the hospital staff makes the day go by much easier, food for sahur and break-fast is provided (heavy healthy meals with not-so healthy desert) free of charge, daily work hours are cut back whereas we usually report at the clinics at 7.30 am, it has been pushed back to 8.00 am. Yes, on call hours are still the same,

afternoon shift- 2pm-9pm
night shift - 9pm-7am

but at least in dermatology departments, we very RARELY receives emergency skin traumas in the middle of the night. And as I am now only in my 2nd week, i only get 3 shifts a week. Phew..what a big difference that is from those never-ending 10 shifts back in internal med. I rarely saw my own bed then.

We also get free wireless internet access from this small air-conditioned on-call room which i am making full use of by reading up on the latest goss (hahahaha), movie reviews (????) and facebooking every few seconds.

Stop. i'm just like everybody else.

i escape my day to day life by writing here.

of course, real life is not so bad. :)

but it is called an escape for a reason innit?

Monday, 24 August 2009

Camera Owning

a forwarded message i got in my inbox reads: WHy you SHOULD always carry a camera...
Don't tell me you didn't smile or let out an "Awwwww.."

I know i did. Cheers ;)

p/s: thank you sis. This made me smile today.

A Thousand Splendid Suns

A book i have yet to read.

I wonder when the next installment of True Blood is coming out...ahh..
I am so into Eric.

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Roast n Cupcakes

Had a fun well-rounded program-filled SUnday!

Bangun pagi - well, 9.30 am was the earliest hour i could get those peepers open, finally swept the floor of my cancer-like hair loss mess :P and the mopped the floor (yay! bangga..haha), re arranged the furniture, and took out the old-carpet that i had put away for over a year in the storage room.

Hmm. with the hosue and my study table spick n span, i tackled the makings of my newly perfected chocolate cupcake! yes, i know how the 'cupcake craze' has taken over the world..but i have yet to master the makings of a purr-fect one..according to MY OWN tastebuds that it..

In addition to prepping the stuffing for my roast chicken dinner.
Mind you i added everything in excess amount because- when i cook without tasting anything...(due to fasting...yes, i AM fasting :P )i was so afraid it might turn out bland.

And voila, with the Azan ringing from the nearby mosque, we dug into the...yes, tasteless chicken ravenously. Ok, I thought it was tasteless, but my two companions, who would not dare to hurt MY feelings said it was just the right amount of..bland. hahaha.

Cupcakes - however sweet n chocolatey. Just the way i had imagined it :P

Saturday, 22 August 2009

30 days of f.e.a.s.t

Ramadhan is here, i guess my time should be better put to use in typing up an honest wish for all of my friends and family to forgive me for all my wrongdoings. Whether it was intentionally or otherwise.

Hope each one of you have a great month in relishing the good deeds. :)

Selamat Berpuasa everyone.

Post Modern Routine

I got into Cardio on time. Finished on time. Just to reestablish the connection from my last post if any of you were wondering. (Right, i'm probably just talking to myself..anyhoo)

Finally got a chance to go online while i'm on duty! yes..and on the first day of Fasting..(do you have any idea how many things i'm craving right now?) I am now in an empty on-call room with internet access...and ...6 hours to kill. Right. :) So what do i do? update my blog.

I wish i had more interesting pieces to write. sure, Cardio exam with Prof.Peter was superb, i got an A for my Internal Med exam (Hooray! how many tears did i cry before i knew that one.huhu) and now am going into my 2nd week of Dermatology posting. Updated enough?


Been feeling more than a little homesick lately too. Must be the weather.
Sunny, sunny scorching days on end.
Can't wait to just be home.
Away from here.

oh yeah. Biggest regret this month? Missing my bestbud's engagement. Sha, i'm sorry i couldn
t make it. Your wedding, i'll be there. Promise. :D