Saturday, 29 March 2014

The Book of Tomorrow

Prague city in 2013 

I finished a book today. Started to read it at about 8 15 am while waiting for patients to come and and tell me their ailment of the day. I was lucky. Had a total of 9 patients that needed my services between 8 and 12 noon. So it was a slow Sunday. Thats how i finished the book.

Dont get me wrong; finishing the 500 pages of fiction is a feat for me since i started working in the medical field. I used to be able to finish a thick Goblet of fire thick book in less than a day. THAT was how awesome reading was to me. Then i grew up, got busy with work, social media, and pictures , movies and you tube took me away from the marvellous pages.

So i'm proud of my self today. Let me elaborate; 4 days ago..well maybe about 5 days ago my smartphone died on me. Yes, it has happened maybe more than once in the last few weeks. But this time my Samsung note 2 was unrevivable (if there is such a word, sigh. so rusty with writing). And my internet wasnt working either. So i was cut off from my endless Whatsapp group discussions, Instagram stalking, and facebook checking daily routine. It was hard at first, having all that silence. no call. no beeps. no vibrations.
I didnt get a phone straight away. Mind you i worked in 3 different clinics in 1 week. I move between these clincis constantly. And did i tell you they are all about an hour away or more from town. And they had bad phone network connection too. so i was uncontactable for 2 days before i decided to get the good ol Nokia for phone connection. This way my staff nurses and Medical assistants can call me fr emergencies.
And within those 5 days it was a steady calm of silence, with calls in between only from my staff needing guidance for referred cases.

No calls from friends. family. bosses.
It was sad at first, i guess we communicate in texts and messages more than the more physical voice. Then it became a tranquil thing. Away from conspiracy theories, forwarded messages that i couldnt care less about. I was disconnected. But i sort of liked it. And hated it at the same time. My new nokia had only a few contacts saved in the simcard. so if i didnt remember their numbers, i couldnt contact them just to say hi.
I didnt try looking them up either. Maybe i wanted to be lost. Just for a while.

In those 5 days . I slept early. I did yoga everyday. I cooked all my meals. Finished 2 books. Organised my room and managed to catch a few movies on HBO (Just installed mind you). And now with my internet back on i am no longer cut off. But facebook doesnt interest me much. Still too many conflicts of the world that would make me think too much and i still cant do much about. Except catch up on what happened with my idol and man of the moment Mr Sherlock Holmes. I'm 29 and still fan girling. Brings me back to my old teenage Moffatt fanatic moment. Out, about and experiencing the world of fandom.

I don't know where i'm going with this post. There wasnt a purpose for it. Just felt like writing.
Who knows when i'd write again.
Havent got a new smart phone yet.
 But i am looking up return flights to Europe. My itchy feet and dreamer child wants to go somewhere far. whimsical. and cold.  :)

Get off the grid once in a while. You'll remember the good ol days before we all became social media addicts with a pension for spreading rumors/theories.

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