Monday, 22 June 2009

There's this thought nagging at the back of my head that i don't update my blog often,
sometimes a sense of unending frustration that i'm not creative enough to make my page ever more AWESOME. hehe.

Then again, i only do write significant events, or maybe a guilty pleasure or two; of a more personal nature.

My built-in competitiveness leaks out when i cruise through my fave reads. :) Envy, wistful maybe.

But today? i just want to hear Adele playing in the backgroud while i work out the cases i have to present and discuss with my Doctor by the end of the week.

Friends, options?
is ITP better than Insulinoma? :D

I need HELP!

Thursday, 18 June 2009


Just a quick shout out,

Happy birthday daddy Dearest ;) glad your trip over to sunny canterburry was wholesome and enjoyable, and you had your birthday celebration on AIR! love you lots and may Allah S.W.T bless you with great health always. Selalu merindui mu .

Also, to mz Didi Harun, happy 24th! i missed bowling. wish i was there but shall see you soon.

that's it folks. have to go back to the hospital. hrm..still have 3 weeks left in internal medcine. wish me luck :D

Au revoir!

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Things i'll never say

i get sick of having to turn on the tv and keep watching the same trash they feed us on tv these days.

And over here moreover, the maincourses comes in more than 5 viewing times a day of : infotainment. Every juicy celebrity gossip you never need to know about the life and times of the Indoensia celebrities.

Among the biggest news: Manohara

Get a clue?

i have to live here, study here and treat people here when they judge me and my country based on a woman's supposed mistreatment by her husband.

She has my pity if any of it is true, but going to the media?

It's bad enough we students get asked questions about the abuse of I.maids in Malaysia, now about the royal family as well?

don't even get me started on the Ambalat issue.

Nobody is perfect.
"To err is human" after all.