Friday, 29 May 2009

Deserters tale

Leaving for Maros again..for my luar negri posting (no, we don't require a passport)..

on a brighter note, i was there for a week in at least i know where everything IS. Sort of. hmm..

Sis, be strong. it shall all turn out well ;) next week shall be interesting. and challenging for you. love ya.
were you contemplating something?

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Just like the cookie crumbles

We made cookies! Sha n I, and we knocked off the electricity for the whole floor. Sorry..though we did kept it on the downlow when we met up with the rest of the residents downstairs.hehehe
and very sorry for limiting the allowed amount of photos for u to upload. u know why :P. Shhhhhhh...

Oops. ovenku teramat kuat untuk apartment temanku ini.

Today is Dayat's birthday, happy 23rd! so, since i had a lot of stuff in the fridge about to go bad..

i made chicken fajita/enchilada's! haha. For the boys next door, my own lunch..even gave away a few to Elango who is having exams tomorrow with Prof, good luck. Though the combo of my fave mexican dish was a tad dry i hope they enjoyed it. I can't seem to find even a shadow of sour cream over here although we do have an endless supply of avocadoes for some guacamole.

Just in case i don't get a chance to go online n wish her, Happy Birthday to Asma and Anggi as well, respectively on the 22nd and 23rd. Cheers mates!

Photos of cookies here to see.. oh, and my blue streaks too.


choc chip cookie anyone?

Mixing with style.

cookie-dough ; yum

blue blue blue: hahahah

camera shy. i'm lovin it :)

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Big Blue Lagoon

I have streaks.

of blue hair sticking into my eyes..strays of the highlights i had done.

about a week ago.

hehehe. call me crazy.

i think i'm rockin it.

Friday, 1 May 2009

Strangers in the Outfield

Remember when we were growing up, how our parents would tell us,
just as they send us off to school, whether on a school bus, or driving us to the school gates themselves; they would remind us,

"Don't speak to strangers, alright?"

And' we'd nod, understanding strangers meant people you don't know personally but never fully taking into consideration what a stranger is connected with.

I consider myself a polite, educated and friendly person. And so if i do bump into a stranger, whether on the streets, on an airplane, or eating out; and they inititate a hello, i would reply with a smile or maybe another greeting.

Sure, you first have to be able to pick the situation in which to give a response. If i was feeling rather down and moody or perhaps the 'stranger' emitted some bad vibes i might just look up and decline to respond.

But as i said, being maybe a little too friendly i usually respond in a positive or affirmative sign.
I made another friend on my flight back to Makassar today. And yes, my friends raised their eyebrows when i shared the information. And so he is french, and had so much stories to tell on our 3-hour flight that i enjoyed the company. But because i learned my lesson from the scare in Christchurch, i ended the acquaintance at the airport, although i initially did offer to drop him off somewhere in town just because he seemed lost. Bad judgement call?

Now this wasn't my only 'friendly' encounter with a stranger as i had mentioned, as i have been flying on my own for the last few years all over, i do tend to make 'friends'. I met a German Pro-Skater on my flight to Christchurch, a Japanese and Kiwi couple on my flight to Melbourne, and the list goes on.

But, it was on the streets of Christchurch city that i regretted my respond to a stranger. He appeared friendly, we spoke of architecture and education as well as the history of Christchurch. But when he followed me into the Museum that i had started to sense the bad vibes.
Being an outsider, a tourist perhaps i misjudged myself thinking he was merely a friendly samaritan wanting to guide a tourist around. And when he lay his hands on me, i froze.

When it was just on my shoulder, i managed to simply shrug it off, maybe he didn't realise his hand was there? maybe this is just a normal thing over here. Then it came again and moved lower, and lower and i knew i wasn't imagining it. Alarms were ringing in my head. This isn't right. I have no idea who this guy is!

I pushed him away and ran off. I wasn't thinking right, or i would've gone to the museum guards. But i went for the bathroom instead, Washed my face. Thought it over and peered outside. he was gone. I wanted to report it to the guards but since he wasn't around i decided i didn't have to.

Of course, walking back into the city i wish i had, because who knew if he had been waiting for me outside? and he was big and tall.

Needless to say, i didnt speak to anyone else the rest of the day. And the rest of my trip, my conversations were reserved for my tour guide and tour mates. I was told off though when i got home,

'Didn't your mum ever told you not to speak to strangers?"

I could only nod in defense. Who knew?

My only advice is women, who travel on their own should always be careful of their surroundings. I never thought it would happen to me. but it did. And i am now more aware of violation than before. It isn't right.

I hope we all can learn a thing or two from my experience.