Sunday, 18 January 2009

Come and Go

This was the bed in the on call room at Dadi's Stroke center where i spent many nights in disturbed sleep and writing countless status for the many patients..

things i have on me 24/7.

And my beloved peacock crocs that are now so muddy and worn out, i'm thinking of getting a second pair in purple. hehe

i start paediatrics tmorrow.

Neurology was quick. exam was..well..a breeze. haha. nah.

i'm just mentally exhausted. but happy :D 3 down. 3 more to go before i get to the next level.

tonight adalah mlm untuk berfoya-foya.

here's to 9 weeks of unexpected twists and turns.


Tuesday, 13 January 2009

A Series of Unfortunate Events

It is like the series of loved childrens boks, or even a made for tv movie.

It started with the change of schedule. my On-call nights that lasted for 2 days, all through the weekend and sighs- yes, relentless comatose patients coming in with stroke, haemorhagging ones as well as trombositic or embolic. (you get my drift..) To make matters worse, there were 2 patiens in the ward i had to follow up their vital signs per hour.

1. the witching hour of midnight on saturday came and went with the passing of a patient that was doing farely well.

2. 2 am and another patient came rolling in, all epileptic and losing concsiousness.

3. 6 am and it is already monday where i; in my fourth week at neuro, supposed to be at a different hospital by 6.30 am.

4. First day at Pelamonia Hospital and my wallet got stolen from the on-call room
(along with all signs of identification, atm, credit card and my one and only copy of car ownership license)

5. Still Monday and i fell flat on my back in the rain, at the front gates of the Wahiddin teaching hospital. Yes, and i had people selling noodles laughing as i strut out, dirty coats and all.

6. This morning, Tuesday, my shift of on call nights got added as the squeaky little junior doctor reported that i gave her too many hours. sheeesh.

7. And for all the cursing i did, my car wouldn' start for an hour which ended up making me unable to pay for my immigration papers..

so..7 in all. or maybe i should add the one that started it all..another year of unrelenting rainfall that pours into my beautiful home ad causes mass destruction..ok.maybe not mass...but destruction all the same.

no sleep..i do eat rest. and i still have my final exam to study for by Friday.

That, and the sad news i hear of the war in Palestine. What happened to humanity? Human rights?


Sunday, 4 January 2009

30 seconds to Midnight

another day. another battle to fight. another sun rises before it sets for another day.

i got the morning off today after a gruelling 36 hour shift at the trauma unit. (sheesh..why does every head injury needs a neuro consult? every dog bite, every healthier people!)

so, i pretty much blacked out when i got home last night at 10 pm, and opened my eyes to a whole new morning at 8am. That was the most sleep i've ever gotten in the past 2 weeks..seriously.

So, i got to do my laundry, a lil bit of housekeeping ( i've just realized what a slacker i have been for those 2 weeks and yes..months to come), before i got a call to join S and Wah for a much anticipated brunch of Dim Sum later.

It was good. and quiet to say the least. The Suki restaurant- is normally packed on a Sunday; but unlike today it was pretty scarce. So we ate and caught up with each other. My clinical stories and their updates on the town and class gossip.

Ah, how it is to be free and laid back. Then we headed for a movie since my shift tonight is at 9pm..i thought what the heck. I haven't seen High School Musical 3 and yes, lame. But i happen to love musicals. haha ( hello, please watch Across the Universe, Mamma Mia and at least Johhny Depp's attempt as the dreaded is worth it!)

and since i'm not studying and wasting my time as it is, i thought why not. go online and check out things i haven't been able the next 24 hours i'll be living in the Stroke Centre Hospital about an hour's drive away and golly gee...i have no idea if i'll survive.

Sighs. few minutes and hours before it all.

i wonder what i'll do next. seems that all my neuro notes and books are eluding my grasp.

2 weeks left, and then HELLO NIGHTMARE of Paediatrics!