Sunday, 8 July 2012

Turning the dial on the aging clock

It has been ALMOST a year since my last post.

Funny how i will forget the existence of this blog after a few months of regular posting and return to it, reading all the old entries and being amazed at myself.

Not that i think so highly of my writing. Amazed that i have much to share or say at all.
Although it is mostly gibberish, or a mockumentary of my travel, and just a simple conclusion to the events that happened. I am nostalgic.

Much has happened. involving my friends.
a few more got married to the love of their lives.
a few delivered their first child
a bestie graduated from dentist schol (yay!)
i purchased myself an automobile - been 9 months now ;) the elusive bumblebee
hiked up the highest mountain in South East Asia (not an easy feat )
and a very good friend just celebrated her babys first birthday!

Talk about eventful eh?

Job wise i can say i am moving forward. Although i feel that i'm mostly in the same place.
Except that i am now comfortable.
been working for a year. In my fourth posting.
General Surgery Day 18 today.

Maybe the  next entry i'll write in a few more details or add in more pictures.
Untill then, life has been very much pre-occupying my time :)

Still saving for that elusive eurotrip