Wednesday, 18 November 2009

There's something wrong with Lord of The Rings

I read thi from a friends' page; Jason Leong. i thought it was funny and worth a mention. read it. :)

When the dust has settled, and peace restored to Middle-Earth, once the mighty Sauron has collapsed, one applauds at a beautiful trilogy masterfully made by a genius equal to Tolkien himself, Peter Jackson. But now that I have time to reflect and swirl my thoughts about the plot, I realize that something is terrible wrong with the story of how Middle Earth was saved.

Here's what's wrong : I think Sauron should have won.

I mean, ya gotta give the guy credit. He was BRILLIANT! I mean, he created the One Ring, which controlled many other rings, which controlled the dwarves, the elves, etc. It gave the wearers a false sense of security, as if they were in control, but in actuality, they were not! The same concept can be seen today in pyramid schemes! Sauron was way ahead of his time man.

Okay, then he controlled Saruman, who looked extremely dodgy in the first movie, like the classic I-act-like-a-good-guy-but-
actually-am-the-bad-guy-just-wait-for-the-plot-twist kinda character. I dont trust Christopher Lee's eyebrows. Saruman then built this massive Isengard, which then had massive factories which built cruel war machines. Now we see Sauron embracing technology to achieve his goal.

First politics, now technology. Sauron can do it all.

Then, mastering genetic modification and biology, he created the Uruk-Hai ( which sounds like a bad Chinese word),a cross breed between Orcs and Men. Not only did he bred them, he assembled them into an army, giving them weapons and armor, and organizing them into an effective fighting unit.

One by one, cities in Middle Earth felt, in a meticulous decimation by Sauron's forces. Sauron was a tactical genius.

Then came Helm's Deep, and we all know what happened there. It is at Helm's Deep, where the first injustice occurs for Sauron.

Sauron had what, 10,000 soldies, outnumbering the Men. Not only that, they managed to break the fortress, something never done before. Then, in a matter of 10 minutes, his armies are defeated by Orlando Bloom skateboarding down a flight of stairs and....SUNLIGHT!!!!! The Black Evil , the Uruk-Hai, The Lidless Eye's army, the black shadow spreading across Middle Earth...were BLINDED by SUNLIGHT and then defeated? How is this realistic?

But Sauron was not one to give up. No sirree, he had perseverance,determination and the unwillingness to give up.He regrouped, and sent more armies, this time to thrash Minas Tirith. Sauron, ever the strategist, also sent warships BEHIND minas tirith to ambush them while they were preoccupied with the war at the front.

The Men were outnumbered. Many of their kind had died. THeir spirits were broken, and Legolas's hair was slightly out of place. They were about to be defeated, and rightfully so, for the master strategist had already beaten them.While the men were fragmented, Sauron's army was relatively united.

Then suddenly, Aragorn talks to a bunch of GHOSTS in a random CAVE and decimates the ENTIRE SAURON ARMY!???!!??!!?

Apa ni???

Who doesnt pity Sauron just a teensy weensy bit? I mean, cmon!

Of Birthdays, Cakes and Surprises

14th of November is a big day for me. It is, afterall, the day i was born 24 years ago.

This year, i celebrated my birthday, in a dark hallway, in the morgue, waiting for a dead body to be brought in by a paramedic. Well, it was 11.45pm on the 13th; but still..that was my birthday.

I was posted in Bhayangkara Hospital for a week; which began on the 5th of November till the 15th. And so i already knew that i wouldn't be able to do much or see my friends as i had duties to attend to. Posted in this hospital, means i have to live in the on-call room with 5 other junior doctors like myself and wait for autopsies and medical exams for legal cases (i am currently in the forensics department). It's not like what you see on CSI. get real. we do autopsies, and paperwork. nothing else. oh yeah, but reporting and reconstructiing of the crime is kinda cool. ;)
 Anyway, i was pretty down the whole day untill my fellow group mate ran out and got me a cupcake. yeah, one and it was sweet of her. At least i thought i had something to blow a candle on to make the day feel a bit special. Later that evening, my dear friends Shila, Wah, Huey, Elango and Melvin came to the hospital and surprised me with a dozen doughnuts (i love J.CO.s ) and gifts. We crammed into the on-call room and hung out till late (the cops had to call them out for disturbing said junior 11.30pm. The hospital i was stationed at by the way is a police manned hospital.)

Sunday was spent studying for my exam on monday morning. before finally leaving bhayangkara hospital at 8pm for home.Earlier in the week,  some of my juniors had water shortage at their homes so i let them shower and wash in my house as i was not living there for the week anyway, so i rang them up to say i was coming home and i wnated my keys. So when i got home, it annoyed me that they didn't come out to help me with my things ( i was holding three bags, a chair and a fan. phew) when i knew they were inside and heard me calling. But then when i knocked and the door was open, standing in front of me was my dear junior Boo, holding up a home-made chocolate cake and to her left was a table filled with home-cooked chicken rice just for me. My neighbors were there as well, and sang along. Surprise no.2!
Needless to say, the cake was delicious, and so was the chicken rice. I guess it pays to be nice :)

Monday morning started great, finished my exam at 11 am, went for karaoke with my gal pals and then Huey called me out to try the new sushi place. And what do you know, surprise! they got me another choc cake and bought me dinner. :) did i say i love my friends? because i do.

I want to put up photos but it being all surprises, i actually didn't take any. But my friends did, so i shall put them up when i get them :)

 November is not just a special day for me, i've been sharing birthdays with my older sister longer than i can remember as her birthday is on the 17th.

This year, i surprised her with none-other than the trendiest thing since doughnuts!

cupcakes. hand-made to perfection and personalized to a tee by my high school friend Mei Leng.She creates these art works and delivers them too!

since my sister was an avid traveller, i wanted the cakes to show that, and that she's an architect, used to live in New Zealand. so here they are. I  knew she loved em :)

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Hot & Humid November

Hello November,
I usually get psyched up when i see the turn of the calendar right after Halloween.
Of course. it means a month closer to the end of the year, my birthday would come up and usually i'd be flying home soon enough.

But the extended power cuts are annoying me physically, mentally as well as emotionally. Stress can alter everything about you.
For the past week i've been stationed in Bhayangkara Hsopital, in charge of doing autopsies as well as forensics examination in legal-medicine.: rape, abortion, road-accidents and etc

So it has been a hectic week where we are not allowed to leave the hot, air-less hospital, and to add up to our misery, there is no fan, no window in our on-call room. and the electricity gets cut every 6 hours, for 3 dang hours. Even the water stops running after the 2nd day.

I get hopeless, and tired, and angry and emotional. hmm..

ok, so the upside is we get free wireless internet connection with a very limited speed. but still..only so much free browsing can happen when you're hot and sweating.

Hello November indeed.