Sunday, 13 September 2009

12 months

I am gregariously happy.

I officially finished my 1st year of clinical education. two days ago.

And Alhamdulillah, everything has been almost smooth, a few bumps but no brakes were involved.

Sure, i wished i got straight A's but really, its the experience and skill that matters right?

Dermatology exam was nerve-wrecking on friday.

I was pretty sure i answered it all well, but of-course, the 3 examiners hid and masked their expressions trying to confuse you and not aide you in any way.


I just want to go home now :)

Raya awaits!

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

A singular effect

I am a loner

Mostly. Not always. Often these days. But always have been.

I get these questions often when I hang out with friends, be it old or new ones.

Even people I just met.

"So, you're single? Not seeing anyone?"

I reply with a shake of the head and my infamous smile. Trying to escape the incoming array of questions.

"Dated? I mean, last relationship?..Oh. never?"

Again, I just smile. I knew it was coming.

"But why?"

If only I could answer that myself.

And then; usually to make me feel less like a loser and more embarrassed for asking in the first place, the questioner would then list down all my 'positively good qualities'

"But you're pretty…awesome!"

Thank you very much.

I feel so much better now.

Am i? really? Awesome? Gee.


I have been single for all 23 of my years now. Of course you can't count the first 12..that'd be just wrong. J

And I am happy. So why should it matter?

And no. despite what some people want to believe, I am NOT a Lesbian.

I love my fair share of male specimens. You know, the incredibly hot Hollywood ones. Aside from some old real-life crushes.

It just so happens that luck is not on my side. Yet.

Always the good ones are taken.

And I am not one to hope or break up a relationship or be the spare "just-in-case" chicks like some guys do hope.

I just want someone for me.


Maybe I'm picky or choosy or lazy?

But I think that's only said for those who actually do have options. Innit?

Besides, even though my friends say sometimes I can be a bit "macho" and that I'm always independent,

I still want someone to take care of me.

And besides, I'm still too young to be tied up, I think.

There's still the whole WORLD to be seen ;)


I guess I should be thankful nobody's asking about being married yet. Hehe. Phew. Sorry sis.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009


oh so penat. lapar.