Monday, 27 April 2009

September Rain

One day left in town. I put up this photo because we took this not even over a year ago in September during Eid Mubara'. And i loved it. WE were a complete family again. maybe this year it would be the same. InsyaAllah.

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Riders of Rohan!


Any LOTR fan knows that the great trilogy, its movie was shot in over a 100 locations on both islands of New Zealand, and Christchurch, or Mt.Sunday to be exact, was where the kingdom of Rohan was built; literally.

Of course, nothing stands on the beautiful rock this day, except for holes on its rocky ruins and remnants of bolts stuck to it as proof of construction. here i share photos of my hassle-free LOTR tour of Edoras. Complete with a Know-it all tour guide (love ya rex!), yummy lunch, and great scenery

Dorothy and I battling it out for middle earth ;)

sisters, Liz and Christina were the Eowyn's of our trip.

The hills did look short from where i was standing, but no!

As my sis would say, "You've arrived in New Zealand!", gorgeous lake clearwater

Thursday, 23 April 2009

City centre of Christchurch

Settled originally by the Ngai Tahu Maori tribe, the official British settlers arrived in Christchurch in 1850; and it became New Zealand's first city by Royal Charter.You can see the colonial heritage by the tree-filled parks, meandering streams and many stone buildings that makes it very similar to England. In my opinion, Christchurch is well planned out with a fine balance struck between the tranquility of suburban and village life with the metropolitan bustle of a small city.

A person i know keeps saying how similar, or perhaps how Christchurch is better than Scotland. (Having been to Scotland, i could say there ARE similarities but they are both two different parts of the world). Reaching the city, you can see that it was built around a Cathedral, a testament to the city's Anglican heritage; the cathedral square unassumingly taking the role as its centre. Canterbury museum and Chris College showing hints of gothic style architecture; both easily accessed right across the streets of the cathedral.

I mostly enjoyed a walk across Hagley Park, it is the third largest park in the world (yeap!), after NYC's Central park and London's Hyde Park. Tram ride around the city's main sights is a must for a tourist, though most of the locals have never even tried it (due to the fact that the tram route passes through buildings n sites that are all within considerable walking distance from each other).

If ever in doubt of your activities while anywhere in NZ, just head on to the local i-site. I did on my very first day and got 3 days booked on incredible day-tours. :)

Wednesday, 8 April 2009


I always thought i'd be nicely represented in a kaleidescope of colours.
even if my wardrobe does not represent such things.

Sweet Home Malaysia!

First off, a shout out to my bff Dr.Farissa Hussin; so proud of you love! (you were so afraid and panicky for nothin! told ya! ;) ) InsyaAllah if all goes well for me in the next year, i'll be joining your ranks soon. But of course, i don't claim myself to be brilliant as you are. I have doubts on my own abilities but we shall see. Congatulations again :D we can celebrate Friday beramai-ramai k?

I have been back for....over a week now.
and i have been successfully bumming around at home! yes, you may frown upon my laziness to achieve somewhat more productive means while on holiday but i do not care. I think doing chores and helpin out at home is a wonderful thing that i miss. (being around the noisy banter of my kid siblings is like music to my ears - i missed them loads)

on a lighter note, i do still have about 4 weeks left. yeah, groans...what to do?
money is scarce, too lazy to get a job cos i already have one waiting for me back in makassar.
So...(drum roll pleasee)
i finally get to fly away :) only for a little bit. to see my fav holiday destination.
if not to see my sister; i can go on tour as planned last year.
KL -Melbourne -Christchurch

Another adventure awaits
I can't wait.